My dad needs help ladies…

My dad has had this idea, more on that below with a link to his blog. Please help out..

Many years ago – more years than I care to remember – I instigated a knitted pullover, which was made by all the ladies I knew at the time.

They each contributed as much or as little as they wished, of any colour and design.

The result was really quite amazing. Somehow the press got wind of it and I ended up posing on the front of the local rag! It created quite a stir and was a very interesting excercise. The fact that it didn’t fit was irrelevant!

Years later and I’ve had a similar idea.

Ladies – get your knitting needles out!

Please send me at least one 7″ x 7″ square of knitting.

Be as inventive as you wish. Use any colour of wool. Make it as plain or as fancy as you like.

When it’s finished please send it to me.

Be sure to send details of who made it so that I can include a dedication.

Also add a name or e-mail address, blog or website name – anything you like.

My wife Sheila – she doesn’t know about this yet but she will in a few minutes – will sew them all together into a throw!

I’ll photograph each piece as I receive it and include a comment about each.

I need 100 – to make a 10 x 10 (70″ x 70″) inch throw.

Should be a super thing when it’s finished!


Semi-finished pattern

This is thanks to grand step mom and pop. I hope you like what I did with the pattern. I am very pleased with it. I just have to add the backing and then it is complete.


Ode to me and Hasan

My husband wrote this today for myself and Hasan. Not really a craft or quilt project, but I need to put it here for you all to see…

Love to my wife and son
One night I was thinking whom do I love more, my wife or son?
I was thinking, I love my wife because she is my wife and she is mother of my son, I love my son because he is my son and he is the son of my wife…
I could not answer this question…
Do I love my wife more or my son more?
I love my wife because she the first or my son because he is the second person?
I want to find who I love more?
I love my wife because she the person to make life easy and hard and she the one that I care for in this life but still I care about my son as some times I care about her.
I love my son because he makes me lol and cry and I care about him

In end I could answer the question……………………..
Love to my wife and son
From their husband and father

New Pattern

This is a new pattern that my grand step mom and pop sent me via email. Thanks very much to both of them and I hope that they like what I have done. It is only half done will post more when its finished.


Make-up Bag

Once I finally got my Pfaff, the first project that I did was a new make-up bag for myself as all of my make-up is kept in a box. I made it from an old denim skirt that I can no longer fit in (and probably never will again!) It is embroidered on the front and back. This was the design on the front of the skirt.
18012007108.jpg 18012007109.jpg
After I had finished this I started another project, but more about that later as it will be a present, so can’t disclose any information at the mo’. Mum’s the word!

1st Quilt

You have probably seen my 1st blanket on my Mum’s blog, but I should still add it to mine don’t you think. So here it is. This was done on my mother-in-laws very old and heavy Singer. I gave it to her as a gift for Eid.