Ode to me and Hasan

My husband wrote this today for myself and Hasan. Not really a craft or quilt project, but I need to put it here for you all to see…

Love to my wife and son
One night I was thinking whom do I love more, my wife or son?
I was thinking, I love my wife because she is my wife and she is mother of my son, I love my son because he is my son and he is the son of my wife…
I could not answer this question…
Do I love my wife more or my son more?
I love my wife because she the first or my son because he is the second person?
I want to find who I love more?
I love my wife because she the person to make life easy and hard and she the one that I care for in this life but still I care about my son as some times I care about her.
I love my son because he makes me lol and cry and I care about him

In end I could answer the question……………………..
Love to my wife and son
From their husband and father


7 Responses to “Ode to me and Hasan”

  1. Bill Says:

    Sounds like you got yourself a good man Claire!

    He obviously loves you a lot.

    best wishes

    Bill n Anne xx

  2. Mum and Dad Says:

    Such lovely words. Written with obvious sincerity by a sincere person. Having been married more than 60 years we can relate to those words because they will always be important. Look after yourselves and use those and similar words at all times because that way lies happiness.

    Vi and Richard. (Alan’s Mum and Dad.)

  3. quiltingcraft Says:

    Yes thank you Bill n Anne, I think that I have a good man. I hope that my mum tells you the same, having met him.
    Kind words Vi and Richard. We try to use these words as much as possible, lets hope they give us lots of time together like you 2. I don’t think we will get 60 years though….

  4. quiltingcraft Says:

    To Bill and Anne thank you. Do you think I’m a good Man, I find it difficult to say that because just I started to write what I think ……

    To Alan’s Mum and Dad thank you both great husband and wife, it’s to small word for you too, if I say very nice for Mum and father its tooooo simple for both if you. I know your love for each other more than what I thought….

    Thank all for Isa

  5. Sheila Says:

    What lovely words Isa, Claire was very lucky to find you, and yes I do tell people what a nice man you are.
    Love to both

  6. quiltingcraft Says:

    Thank you mum, Claire deserves more than some nice words and feelings. (Claire plz don’t tell them how nasty I really am, LOL)
    I hear congratulations are in order for the art show…
    I hope that you do well.

  7. Sheila Says:

    Thanks for the congrats, sorry Hassan won’t let you on the computer Isa…LOL
    I want to know when Claire is going to finish that lovely quilt?

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