Imac Problems


In the previous message ‘Mac Problems’ I was getting the error message ‘You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button.’ and asked if any one could help. NO ONE DID.

Well finally got it sorted. After endless forum searches and numerous calls to the apple shop, unpugging unnecessary peripherals, formatting the mac, using disc utillities, my hubby Isa decided to start on the hardware.

First he decided to go for the hard-drive, because we wanted a bigger one any way. The original 80GB wasn’t enough. The mac now has 320GB hard-drive, wow. Will still probably fill it… It was quite expensive with the apple shop, so went else where and got it cheaper (3x cheaper). So fingers crossed we switched it on.

Another error. What are we going to do? I read on one of the geeky forums that his error was because one of his memory sticks wasn’t fastened in properly… So we tried it. There was no problem there. So Isa took one out and Eureka it worked. But we have found out that memory sticks from a microsoft computer put into a mac computer don’t work. The mac screams and blows out a puff of air. Its trying to blow out the windows crap that has been inserted…. 🙂

Any way the mac is now happy again, normal mac memory, it just only has half of its original memory until we can venture back to the apple shop to get some more.

Hopefully god willing we won’t get any more problems, thanks to the new geek in the family, ISA… 😉



I can finally show you the secret project that I was working on, which I couldn’t tell you about because it was a gift. Well here it is. A cushion cover that I made for my mum.


I hope that she likes it, says she does, I hope she puts a nice cumfy cushion in it. I thought it would be a good one for the kitchen chairs, as she has alot of visitors and they all sit in the kitchen and denim is hard wearing.

Happy Mother’s day for yesterday mum.



The sole of one of my slippers had totally fallen to peices and was flapping when I walked, so I cut around the good one on the wrong side of a peice of denim and then sewed it onto the not so good slipper. There is the finished project, good as new…

Mac problems

You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button.

I get this message several times every morning after I have started my mac, can any one help?
I have been to apple and they send me round in circles. Isa has searched geeky forums to see if they know. The apple shop said unplug USB’s that are not needed, which left me with mac mouse and keyboard. Isa has even formatted the mac on the advice of the apple shop if the first task didn’t solve the problem, it still does it every day if not once, three or four times.