Green Bag

greenbag.jpg green-bag-back.jpg

This is actually my third bag, the 2nd is awaiting handles. You will see it later.
The front and back of this bag are the same pattern, wasting quite a bit of material, but it’s worth it I think. With a matching tie, not sure whether to leave it where it is or tie it off to the side…
Please let me know what you think. Post any comments good or bad 😉
I will be doing another one in the same fabric, but with a zip closing and a zipped pocket on the side. Keep a look out!


Matching Coin Purse

I did this coin purse to match the Bag that I posted earlier. Even the lining is the same.
Coin Purse Coin Purse Inside

Ruffler Foot

The ruffle that I did around the baby quilt took me hours to line up and pin, so my lovely hubby decided that I neede a ruffler foot. As my machine is a Pfaff we had to go to the main dealers to order the foot (not buy, order). Any way they wanted BD45 (about 50 pound). So we went to singer dealers (you have to do everything by dealers here in Bahrain), had a look at their ruffler foot and it looked the same. Guess how much? BD10 (about 13 or 14 pound). Big differnce hmm. So we went back to the Pfaff dealer and tried it on the same model as mine and hey presto it fits…
So if I commission any baby quilts I can now ruffle by machine 😉 Thanks to my lovely hubby
Singer ruffler foot

1st Bag

My 1st Bag 1st bag inside
My hubby was searching the net to find me something (can’t remember what) and came across a site that does handbags. I did this from a tutorial.

It’s here…

Finally I have finished it. It is very difficult to get craft work done when you have a toddler running around your feet. I have to wait until he is asleep before I can get anything done. My hubby has been good, on his days off he has taken Hasan out of my way so I can get some done. The bed set is reversible.
Click on the pictures to view bigger pic.
Full Set Bed Set Front Bed Set Back

I will commission all or any part of the set for any one that would like it.
If you would like to take a more detailed look at each peice go to my flickr pics.

Patients is a virtue

I’m working on a set for my husbands neice at the moment. She is due to deliver her first baby in a couple of months. So I have done a bedding set, baby bag, nappy stacker and a crib organiser. I don’t want to post it until I have completed the full set. So please be patient.


Finished at last…
I actually finished the wall hanging last week, I’ve not had chance to add here. So here it is. The thing is I don’t have a pole, or anything make shift that I can use, to hang it so you can see it properly. Broom stick doesn’t do it justice.
Vi and Richard I hope that you like what I have done with the pattern that you have sent to me. I am quite pleased with the outcome. It’s not how I imagined it to be, but better.
Thank you for the pattern