It’s here…

Finally I have finished it. It is very difficult to get craft work done when you have a toddler running around your feet. I have to wait until he is asleep before I can get anything done. My hubby has been good, on his days off he has taken Hasan out of my way so I can get some done. The bed set is reversible.
Click on the pictures to view bigger pic.
Full Set Bed Set Front Bed Set Back

I will commission all or any part of the set for any one that would like it.
If you would like to take a more detailed look at each peice go to my flickr pics.


2 Responses to “It’s here…”

  1. Sheila Says:

    That is absolutely lovely, I cant praise it highly enough.
    You should rightly feel very proud of it.
    I love the colours, the design, everything.
    The person who recieves that will love it.
    Clever old you…:)
    Lots of love Mum

  2. Mum and Dad. Says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I was to see your beautiful work; you are obviously enjoying your quilting.I am very impressed and am sure such a lovely gift will be gratefully received and treasured. Also I am so impressed with your interpretation of the pattern I sent. It can look so different in so many colourways.
    I can appreciate the difficulties you must have with a lively little boy to attend to but he must give you so much joy. Your work really is lovely and I hope you will be able to set some time aside so that you can do much more and if I can send more patterns or help in any way you need only ask. Best wishes from Violet.

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