Ruffler Foot

The ruffle that I did around the baby quilt took me hours to line up and pin, so my lovely hubby decided that I neede a ruffler foot. As my machine is a Pfaff we had to go to the main dealers to order the foot (not buy, order). Any way they wanted BD45 (about 50 pound). So we went to singer dealers (you have to do everything by dealers here in Bahrain), had a look at their ruffler foot and it looked the same. Guess how much? BD10 (about 13 or 14 pound). Big differnce hmm. So we went back to the Pfaff dealer and tried it on the same model as mine and hey presto it fits…
So if I commission any baby quilts I can now ruffle by machine 😉 Thanks to my lovely hubby
Singer ruffler foot


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