New Design Clutch Bag

I designed this clutch bag to hold quite a bit but still be small and fit under your arm. I hope that it works. The next one that I make will be slightly different as there are bits that I’m not happy with. I think that the bottom needs to be flat, so I won’t be putting darts in it.

Let me know what you think of it…

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New Bag

This is my latest clutch bag. I hope that you all like it.

I hand beaded the flap with pearly pink beads. Took me a couple of days to get that done, but it’s worth it I think…


The Mac is back and all better. I am sooo glad, I missed Mac!
It was the motherboard, so Mac has had major surgery. Now back good as new with a big smile and the fish in the aquarium screensaver are swimming faster and smiling.

This is what I have been up to while waiting for mac to come home…

Red and Gold Clutch Bag
The floral red and gold fabric has a contrasting red and gold lining, both a kind of velet feel to them. With a matching red snap fastening.

Floral clutch Bag
This floral fabric has a contrasting beige lining, with a snap fastening and a gold chain handle.

The Madison Bag
I have taking inspiration for this bag from looking at pictures of one on Amy Butler’s site. She design’s her own bags and patterns. It will be used next month for a competition on a flickr group that I am a member of, by Lisa of U-Handblog, who holds competitions every month. It’s not exactly the same but I know where I have gone wrong to make neccessary changes if I make another one.

The Blue Bag
This bag is taken from a tutorial from U-Handblog. I used navy Blue fabric for the lining to compliment the vibrant blue of the exteernal fabric.

The Quilted Tote
I quilted the outer layer of fabric before I put it all together.

Purple clutch Bag
This bag has matching lining of the same fabric, also the frill. With a snap fastening.

Also go and look in Shop to see all of my bags

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Chelsea Bag

I have made this bag just by looking, as I don’t have a pattern for it.

Chelsea Bag I don’t know why but the picture makes it look a bit wonky, it’s not in real life.

Internal ChelseaInternal view. The fabric is the same as for the outside material, but the colours are the opposite way round, red and gold


We went for a wander around the souq a few days ago, and came across a shop that makes you feel like you have stepped into a time warp. (the step is a vortex that sends you back in time) My hubby calls it the time machine :). Everything in the shop is from the 60’s and 70’s, and he sells Pfaff machines and parts, this is why we went there, looking for the Ruffler foot.

This is what his pfaff machines look like…

NEW Pfaff Machine

I don’t think it does the same amount of stitches as mine LOL

Not sure if it is just my imagination, but don’t you think it looks like a singer machine? Or are they all just made in China? For example the new Toyota Aygo looks just like the new peugeot and citreon. All made in the same factory, just put different badges…

Couldn’t Wait

I couldn’t wait for the mac to recouperate, so I have put baggy pics on my hubbies computer (hope he doesn’t mind). I have finished the green bag with side pocket.

New Green Bag with Zip   Close up of side zip  Side pocket

I have lined the bag with the same material as the first green bag that I did, (Pfaff doesn’t like it 🙂 )