The Mac is back and all better. I am sooo glad, I missed Mac!
It was the motherboard, so Mac has had major surgery. Now back good as new with a big smile and the fish in the aquarium screensaver are swimming faster and smiling.

This is what I have been up to while waiting for mac to come home…

Red and Gold Clutch Bag
The floral red and gold fabric has a contrasting red and gold lining, both a kind of velet feel to them. With a matching red snap fastening.

Floral clutch Bag
This floral fabric has a contrasting beige lining, with a snap fastening and a gold chain handle.

The Madison Bag
I have taking inspiration for this bag from looking at pictures of one on Amy Butler’s site. She design’s her own bags and patterns. It will be used next month for a competition on a flickr group that I am a member of, by Lisa of U-Handblog, who holds competitions every month. It’s not exactly the same but I know where I have gone wrong to make neccessary changes if I make another one.

The Blue Bag
This bag is taken from a tutorial from U-Handblog. I used navy Blue fabric for the lining to compliment the vibrant blue of the exteernal fabric.

The Quilted Tote
I quilted the outer layer of fabric before I put it all together.

Purple clutch Bag
This bag has matching lining of the same fabric, also the frill. With a snap fastening.

Also go and look in Shop to see all of my bags

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One Response to “Yippee!”

  1. Mum and Dad. Says:

    Well done getting your Mac back and in good order. I can’t even begin to pass comment on the virtues of a lady’s bag but am entitled to say they look excellent and beautifully made. Well done.

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