Can you remember the set that I made for my husbands niece. Well she has had a girl. Yesterday we went to Saudi Arabia to visit them. She is absolutely beautiful, as all new babies are, but she is lovely and so tiny. The set is in full use, which is great. I’m sorry but I can’t post pictures. But I have taken some pics on the way home.                                                                                                                                                Bahrain-Saudi Border This is the border on the King Fahad Causeway, going back to Bahrain. It’s not very clear as it was taken with my mobile while the car was moving.                                                                                                 Al Abraj RestaurantThis is a restaurant called Al Abraj (meaning ‘up high’). There is another one with red lights on the Bahrain side of the causeway. But I couldn’t get a good picture of it. There are lots of these restaurants all over Bahrain, but they don’t quite look like this one. Lovely food though! We took my mum to an Al Abraj while she was here, in the capital, Manama.  Three years I have been in Bahrain and this is the first time that I have been to Saudi, it’s pretty much like Bahrain, except there is more space and a lot less people. Which I liked. The men drive like the are either escaping from some horrendous beast behind them or they have a passenger who is having a heart attack. They have to be in front. Women are not allowed to drive there. Which I don’t mind, I get to have a break. Do not to go there if you have a queasy  stomach, it will be in your throat all the time. All in all we had a nice day, but I’m glad that I live in Bahrain.


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