See You Soon…

The internet is going of line this afternoon, ready for our journey to England. Here in Bahrain you have to make sure that your bills have been paid or they won’t let you leave the country. So the phone and internet bills have been disconnected and we have to clear the bill at the end of next month. Bit of a hassle, and boring for me, a whole month and then some without blogging. So see you soon
Bye for now!


Tissue’s and Shoes

I made another pair of the Bitty Booties the other day, but a little bigger, so they will fit older babies. I was asked to do them in pink, so here they are…

Pink Bitty Booties Pink Bitty Booties 2

Next I did this fabric tissue holder, as my hubby always wants tissue when we are out, which means that my handbag is always full of tissue. So I thought I would have a go at doing one of these to save some space. I had to do it by hand though as my foot pedal is in the shop, but I think that it didn’t turn out to bad. To think that a few years ago I hated to sew anything by hand. I hated sewing as much as I hate ironing.

Fabric Tissue Holder

Homemade Iced Coffee

We are having an Iced Coffee craze here at the moment. Good for any of you in the throws of a heat wave, sorry mum, you’ve got rain.

Iced Coffee

We have tried Iced coffee from Cinnzeo, don’t know if any of you get that coffee shop, but it’s quite nice. In Starbucks its called a Frappocino. Any way hubby has made his own version (best one yet). With a little help from me (used to work in a coffee shop).

What you need:-

Chocolate ( Cabury’s drinking chocolate is best)

2 tsp Coffee (we used Nescafe Gold)

2 tsp Coffeemate (Vanilla is better, but if you don’t have normal is fine)

Lots of ice

1 1/2 mugs Milk

3 heaped tsp Chocolate Horlicks (if you don’t have normal should be fine)

2 tsp Sugar (optional, up to you how much)

Squirty cream

Put a few heaped tsp of drinking chocolate into a cup and mix with a little water or milk to form a paste.

Warm a little milk in the microwave, to mix the coffee, coffeemate, horlicks, and sugar. The horlicks and coffee mix better with warm milk. Add a couple of ice cubes to cool after mixing.

Add ice to blender and milk. Add mixture to blender and wizz until iced is crushed.

In preferred cups or glasses, using a spoon, paste chocolate to the sides. Pour in crushed ice mix. Then add (lots) of squirty cream and a straw, if desired sprinkle a little choclate powder on top and drink…


Bitty Booties

[rockyou id=80612858&w=256&h=192]

Aren’t these just the cutest things that you have ever seen.

Thanks to the beautiful Heather and her blog. If you haven’t already looked, go and look now.

These little cuties will be going over to Saudi on Saturday. I hope they fit, if not I will just have to make some more ^_^

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I can’t…

It is physically impossible for me not to use my machine. I did make a top for myself, but didn’t like it. I got it from Burdamode, which is a great site, but the free patterns are only how to’s and tiny pics . There is no measurements guide. I totally didn’t get it so the top will be recycled, probably into a bag.

But I have been working on this…

[rockyou id=80412350&w=256&h=192]

It is a wristlet with a matching coin purse. All from recycled out grown clothes. The main fabric is a shirt that I loved. It fit perfectly (DID…), I loved the pattern, animal print not normally me, this is about as daring as I got.

The lining is from a pair of out grown PJ’s that my hubby got me a few years ago. Also the piping is from an old out grown shirt. Even the zip and magnetic clasp are recycled. the only thing that is new is the snap fastening on the coin purse. So this one is green 😉

This one is just for meeeee

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Not Sewing…

I’m not making bags at the moment, as we will be leaving soon for England so  I want to keep the load down…

It is killing me! Lisa from U-Handblog has got me totally addicted, it’s all your fault Lisa. Any way if I manage to make anything in the meantime (if its not too heavy) I will keep you posted. So check back regularly.