I can’t…

It is physically impossible for me not to use my machine. I did make a top for myself, but didn’t like it. I got it from Burdamode, which is a great site, but the free patterns are only how to’s and tiny pics . There is no measurements guide. I totally didn’t get it so the top will be recycled, probably into a bag.

But I have been working on this…

[rockyou id=80412350&w=256&h=192]

It is a wristlet with a matching coin purse. All from recycled out grown clothes. The main fabric is a shirt that I loved. It fit perfectly (DID…), I loved the pattern, animal print not normally me, this is about as daring as I got.

The lining is from a pair of out grown PJ’s that my hubby got me a few years ago. Also the piping is from an old out grown shirt. Even the zip and magnetic clasp are recycled. the only thing that is new is the snap fastening on the coin purse. So this one is green 😉

This one is just for meeeee

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One Response to “I can’t…”

  1. beki Says:

    Wow, how thrifty! Just last night I threw out some clothes that I was thinking I should hang on to for future projects, but then I already have enough “stuff” , so out they went.

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