Pram Quilt

is finally finished, and I am really proud of it. For my first scrappy quilt I think that it has turned out ok.

Pram Quilt

I have also done a burp cloth with the left over scrappy squares that I had left over, which is also quilted. The burp cloth is not for sale. It is mine!!!! For the new baby.

Burp Cloth


Most of the fabric has come from my lovely step Gran Vi. A couple of the strips are Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine which had for Baby H. As I am doing a quilt for him.

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Yay! I won…

Thanks to Claire for doing a pay-it-forward on her blog and I won. I am sorry Claire that it has taken me so long to blog this, but I am so tired with this pregnancy. It is wiping me out. Here is what I won from Claire

Won Fabric

There are a few rules to this pay-it-forward;

1. You leave a comment here on my blog and request to join the Pay It Forward exchange.

2.The first three comments who agree to join will receive a little something from me (a surprise of course) within 365 days.

3.You return the Pay It Forward by making the same promise on your blog. How fun is that!!!

So there you go, leave a post.

I have received some fabric and scraps from my step-gran, and I have made a pram quilt with the scraps. I got the idea for this Scrap strip method tutorial from happythings blog. Just scroll down until you find it. there is lots of other great stuff too. It’s nearly finished, I just have to quilt it.

pram Quilt

Nappy Bag

I have finally got the pictures onto the Mac. I have also made a bib and burp cloth to match the bag.

Nappy Bag

There are three pockets on the outside of the bag. A large one on the front, an elasticated on on the right side and a flapped pocket on the left side.

Nappy Bag Open

Inside the bag there is a large pocket along the bag of the bag, a side pocket on each side, and two elasticated pocket along the front.

Nappy bag open

There is also a shoulder pad.

Nappy Bag Pad

The fabric is really cute, with lots of teddies and balloons.

Nappy Bag Pattern

The bib and burp cloth.

Bib and Burp

Let me know what you think. I am quite proud of it.

I know, I know…

it’s been a while, but my grandad sadly died. The funeral was last wednesday, so I haven’t been working on much. Not really felt like it. It was really great seeing my aunty and uncles, and all my cousins. The thing is they only ever get together when theres a funeral. The last time I saw two of my uncles was at my gran’s funeral and that was 18 or 19 years ago…

I did get to meet one of my grandad’s brothers though, which was nice. First time. Baby H wanted to play in the funeral place and the crem, so my lovely hubby kept taking him outside to play, so he missed most of it. Don’t think he’s to bothered, but that left me on my own. He finally got to meet my wacky family afterwards, though, and everybody seemed to like him, which I’m glad about.

I have been working on a nappy/daiper bag and it is finally finished, but I am now having probs getting the pics on the mac. Will keep trying.

Now for some good news…

I’m pregnant. Yippee.