I think now is the time to write.

I am feeling much better, just waiting for everything to clear away so I can start trying again. That’s supposed to be the fun bit, right?

My hubby has been great, baby H has kept me occupied and busy. My mum has been there to listen if I need her (aren’t mum’s great?) I have been busy on a quilt, which has helped, as I go into my own little world when sewing. When my mum was over, we went to a craft fair that I had tickets for and I got some lovely material. Four different kinds, but they all go really well. The thing is it is green and I don’t usually go for green, but I must be getting old as I am starting to like it. (Had a birthday by the way, but wasn’t in the mood to celebrate it, but it means that I am getting older. I won’t say how old, but my mum knows…)

Any way here is the quilt, the photo’s aren’t great as the light has been really naff now it has got cold.

Quilt upclose to see the pattern

I thought I would show you the close up first, just so you can see just how colourful and bright the fabric is. You see why I fell in love with it?

Lily Pad Quilt

I really need to take a better picture of it.

back fold

I did stitch in the ditch quilting and I am really pleased with it, the back looks as good as the front. If I may say so myself.

And one more for good luck…


Its up for sale on ebay if you want to go and have a look. It was going to be part of a set. I was doing a bumper and pillow to go with it and then changed my mind, so the bumper is a similar quilt and believe me it wants to be a bumper. It has been doomed from the get go. Its telling me to let it be a bumper, but I am saying NO, you will be a quilt. There have been lots of ripping, but it is finally getting there. It has kept me more busy than the original quilt

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2 Responses to “I think now is the time to write.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hi Claire – its great that you’re finding the sewing therapeutic after your bad time. Don’t quite know what to say to you but glad you’re keeping busy and the quilt is lovely and cheerful.

  2. quiltingcraft Says:

    Thanks for that Andrea,
    If I new how much fun and therapy I get from sewing I would have started a long time ago, I probably wouldn’t have liked it then though. The thing is now building up my stash of fabric, as I haven’t been doing it that long I don’t have much. There’s enough to keep me going (thanks to my Gran Vi and mum) if I don’t have a project to do (not likely. I have a list of them that I want to try). Will keep posting pictures as I go for you to see.

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