Lily pads and stacks of farm animals…

I have been busy with some new quilts. Do you remember the lily pad quilt that I did, well originally that was going to be a set, cot bumper etc. The filling of the bumper was quite expensive and I wouldn’t have made the money back on it, so I turned it into a quilt. Its the same design, just a slightly different layout.

Lily Pad quilt 2

The backing and the binding is the same as the 1st quilt.

The next quilt is a top that my Gran sent down with some fabric. Its a stack of farm animals. I had read in one of my new quilting books about quilting by outlining, and I wanted to try it. I thought that this would be a perfect quilt to try it on.

stacking farm animals stacking farm animals

You can see the pattern very clearly on the back.

I am also working on a quilt for hubby and myself. Its called Le Moyne Star.

Le Moyne Star

I will send progress pics as I go on.

Speak soon


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