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If its not to late mosey on over to Dana’s blog

Take a glimpse of the fabulous quilt that she is giving away.

Good luck if you go and enter


Why is Mother’s Day not allowed by the post?

I sent my mum’s mother’s day gift a week before mother’s day and it arrived a week later. A parcel I sent to Bahrain, on the same day, arrived a week before the parcel that I sent to Brittany (France). How does that work?

Any way my mum has finally got her mother’s day gift and from what I can gather she likes it. I am pleased as it took me ages to make it.

Mums day gift

As I promised before, the pictures of my Grans Mother’s Day gift. Even though I posted it late it arrived the next day.

choccie box

choccie box

I have been busy with boxes, and now a bag that I have been making for myself.

I am a bag freak, this is how I got into making them, but I dislike certain bags, I will see a bag that I like and won’t buy it just because it has a flap. I like partitions, so I might find a bag that I like and not buy it because there are no partitions. Needless to say I didn’t put a partition in this bag, but it has the opening that I like.

I have used a Hex frame, bag bottom and feet, and used the tutorial as a guide from Lisa’s blog and website.

hex frame bag
hex frame bag

I used Alexander Henry Flutterby fabric. Let me know what you think.

Sorry Guys…

that I haven’t posted for awhile, but I have been in an almighty low. Really tired and can’t be bothered to do any thing. Although I have still been sewing, I just couldn’t be bothered to post about them. I don’t know if its because the miscarriage dragged on for so long.

Any way here I am, bright and breezy. house is clean, laundry is done and now I have a few mins to post while Baby H watches ‘Bear in the Big Blue House, Potty Time with Bear’. I have read in a few places that it has helped with potty training. Well he’s watching…

I have been working on some new quilts and other stuff.

Patterned stripey scrappy pram quilt Plain stripey scrappy pram quilt

I have started with these two scrappy stripey pram quilts. I love making them as they are so quick. The plain one has sold already.

toddler nappy/daiper bag


I made this toddler nappy/diaper bag with a matching tissue holder as you need emergency tissues as much as you need emergency nappies and wipes. There is a pocket that can fit wipes in so that the wipes are separate from the nappies.

I have also been making mother’s day present, but I can’t post you pictures of my mum’s gift as it still hasn’t arrived in France and she doesn’t want to see pics. She still has faith in the mail service. We will see.

I will post pictures of my Gran’s present when I have got them of the camera. Still not done it.

I am working on a website and new blog, but its very slow. Will post the big reveal when it is finished or at least when I am happy with it.

Speak soon

Happy Mother’s Day…

Mum. I hope that you have a good day and don’t do to much.

Also Gran, I hope that you have a good one.

To all who are reading have a good day.