Why is Mother’s Day not allowed by the post?

I sent my mum’s mother’s day gift a week before mother’s day and it arrived a week later. A parcel I sent to Bahrain, on the same day, arrived a week before the parcel that I sent to Brittany (France). How does that work?

Any way my mum has finally got her mother’s day gift and from what I can gather she likes it. I am pleased as it took me ages to make it.

Mums day gift

As I promised before, the pictures of my Grans Mother’s Day gift. Even though I posted it late it arrived the next day.

choccie box

choccie box

I have been busy with boxes, and now a bag that I have been making for myself.

I am a bag freak, this is how I got into making them, but I dislike certain bags, I will see a bag that I like and won’t buy it just because it has a flap. I like partitions, so I might find a bag that I like and not buy it because there are no partitions. Needless to say I didn’t put a partition in this bag, but it has the opening that I like.

I have used a Hex frame, bag bottom and feet, and used the tutorial as a guide from Lisa’s blog and website.

hex frame bag
hex frame bag

I used Alexander Henry Flutterby fabric. Let me know what you think.


2 Responses to “Why is Mother’s Day not allowed by the post?”

  1. beki Says:

    I like your bag! I’m thinking I need to try out using a hex frame!

  2. Grandad. Says:

    Claire for one reason or another and I can’t really give a reason I just have not been to the various blogs I tend to look at but we, Gran and I will sit down in earnest and look at all you have written. Not yet because we are just going to view a garden which is open to the public today but soon. That’s a promise. The flower has me beat but I’ll look again later.
    Lots of love.

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