It’s all I seem to be saying at the moment. I just can’t get my backside into gear.

As promised some pics from our little holiday in France.

This tractor belongs to the farmer from up the road. Here he has blocked the road so he can move cows. He had let Baby H in and have a go at moving the bucket up and down, but I missed it as I was talking to Hubby on the computer. Todd managed to get himself in the shot.

This is my duck, he doesn’t have a name, but he is around 4 years old now. I picked him and another (that the fox got) when I was staying with my mum before I went to Bahrain. The next picture is of my mum’s fat chickens…

My Hubby bought me a new camera before we left so I could take some good shots, not that the weather let me. But it had a macro button and I have not had this option before so I took pictures of some flowers and weeds. I don’t know the names of all of them, so you will just have to look and say OOOOHHHHH!!!!!

I don’t know what the second flower is called (mum did tell me) but I love the forget-me-nots and the rosemary.

I have been busy since I got back trying to fill the shop up again. I have finished two quilts and I am now working on a third, but I need to get some batting. The first picture and the quilt I am working on now are from half jelly rolls.

I was reading Creative little daisy‘s blog and she had made a quilt out of charm squares. I had purchased a pack of 100 charms, but didn’t know what to do with them, so when I saw Autum’s blog I thought great I’ve got to do one of those to get rid of the charms. So here it is…

To finish of with, I have been making some cards, as I can do that easily around Baby H. This is one that I made for my Nan’s birthday…

Speak soon


Sorry for the absense…

but I couldn’t tell you what was going on. Baby H and I have been to France and surprised my mum. She didn’t have a clue. My dad and I have been plotting it for just over a month. We have all had to be very careful of what we say so she didn’t click on. She foiled the plan a little when we got home as she was outside, but it worked out in the end and she was gob smacked. We stayed for a week and she was very happy to have baby H around for a while. She will be coming over here in July, so can’t wait to see her again.

The only downfall was we came home on her birthday, but little is better than nothing at all. Baby H had lots of fun with the dog, cats, hens and ducks. Lots of fresh air and space for him to run around in.

Will post you pictures of what I was doing before I left as soon as they have been put on the computer.

I need to get busy with the shops as they are now very low. Pics to come.

Speak soon

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