The new quilts I spoke about…

The first quilt is the same as the pink jelly roll quilt that I did before, only this time its blue. I have a black and white jelly roll, but I’m not sure if I will do a quilt in the same style. I will think of something

The next one is a receiving blanket with a decorative stitch around the edge.

Can any one name the flower in the previous post, I’m still waiting…

I really want to know what it is called.

Speak soon

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I will be posting about a couple of new quilts later, but first I wonder if any one can help me? We went into the city yesterday and when we were walking back I saw these flowers on a bush…

I would love to know what they are. The petals look like crumpled tissue paper. I didn’t dare to touch them in case I tore one of them. If any one knows what kind of flower they are, then please let me know.

Speak soon