I will be posting about a couple of new quilts later, but first I wonder if any one can help me? We went into the city yesterday and when we were walking back I saw these flowers on a bush…

I would love to know what they are. The petals look like crumpled tissue paper. I didn’t dare to touch them in case I tore one of them. If any one knows what kind of flower they are, then please let me know.

Speak soon


4 Responses to “??????????”

  1. quiltingcraft Says:

    Thanks for that mum, its very pretty and fragile. I want to touch but I’m scared I might rip the petals… LOL ^_^

  2. Cheri Says:

    Yep, a Rock Rose…I have one beside my driveway…they sure are pretty!!


  3. quiltingcraft Says:

    Thanks Cheri. I am a bit disappointed…
    I went to town yesterday and there are only 2 flowers left on the bush, so all the pretties have gone 😦

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