Not good

I have made a quilt that I think is lovely, but I can’t take pictures when it is gloomy. The light is no good. It lets the colours of the quilt down. So it will have to wait for a brighter day.

Andrea, take a look at my hexagon top, or what I have done so far.

I love this picture with the sunlight shining through the blinds.

Sun light gone…

I love how fast these grow. I am not sure yet how big it will be. We will have to see when I get bored, but it will not be for sale, this is mine.

The past few nights we have had a little visitor in the garden. It must be a male because he is quite large and loves bread and milk. Can you guess what he is yet?

A Mr. Hedgehog…

He likes having his photo taken, he just sits there and doesn’t curl up into a ball.

Will post pictures of the new quilt when I get good light.

Speak soon


Cats and Mice

This is what has been keeping me busy. It has taken me a while as it is half hand sewn and I’m not the best hand sewer in the world, but I’m getting better. I used to hate hand sewing but now I’m quilting I am beginning to like it. I am even working on some hexagon paper peicing.

Any way back to the quilt…

The young girl next door claimed it as hers after just seeing one cat. She has a daughter and the little one likes cats. As you can probably tell from the photo’s her name is Brooke.

She finally has it and squealed when she saw all the cats. LOL

Speak soon

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