Not good

I have made a quilt that I think is lovely, but I can’t take pictures when it is gloomy. The light is no good. It lets the colours of the quilt down. So it will have to wait for a brighter day.

Andrea, take a look at my hexagon top, or what I have done so far.

I love this picture with the sunlight shining through the blinds.

Sun light gone…

I love how fast these grow. I am not sure yet how big it will be. We will have to see when I get bored, but it will not be for sale, this is mine.

The past few nights we have had a little visitor in the garden. It must be a male because he is quite large and loves bread and milk. Can you guess what he is yet?

A Mr. Hedgehog…

He likes having his photo taken, he just sits there and doesn’t curl up into a ball.

Will post pictures of the new quilt when I get good light.

Speak soon


3 Responses to “Not good”

  1. KBCrafter Says:

    That is going to be lovely Claire. Well done, I never knew you had it in you!!! I didnt think you would have the patience, it just goes to show how wrong you can be.

    Smashing job, I love the colours.
    Love Mum

  2. Rhonda Says:

    Wow…..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hedgehog…this close before….LOL………I love your grandmother’s flower garder quilt. Great Job!

  3. Niki Says:

    Beautiful quilt. Lots of work put into that one! I’ve never seen a hedgehog before. Cute little fella. Niki

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