A special quilt

I have been working on a special commission quilt for a lovely lady called Natalie.

It’s all finished and sent of and I received an email from her today saying it has arrived safely and she likes it.


Natalie bought the picture blocks and sent them to me, and I went from there.

Glad you like it Natalie.


Ta Dah!!!!

I have finally finished the socks. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, been working on a commission order. Will post pics when its finished. I couldn’t work on it yesterday as I have pulled a ligament in my right shoulder, and guess what I am right handed…

Any ways, pics of the socks

Time to knit hubby some socks,

Speak soon

Mum, you better sit down for this one…

I’ve been knitting. Toadstools to be exact. I very often browse around the blog Purlbee and a few days ago they had a tutorial for knitting a baby toadstool rattle, I thought I gotta have a go at that one. It was all stitches that I could do, that mum taught me when I was a kid. So here here we have it, my toadstoll rattle…

and it RATTLES!!!!! Yay…

I am quite pleased at how it turned out and all the stitches are right. Actually they aren’t. I had put it on the needles the wrong way round. If you see the rows of purl stitches, well there are only supposed to be a couple of rows that are purl and the rest are knit. I don’t know how I managed to do the rows in purl, but after a couple of rows I realised that I wasn’t knitting, so when I got to the end of the row I started the next purling and voila it has knit all the way down. Anyway i think it looks groovy even if the colours are naff.

I am now knitting some socks. I got some wool of ebay (the wool on the stem) and I have knitted about 3/4 of my first sock. Not bad seeing as I have never used double needles before. I have had to purchase a second set as the first ones I bought were 30cm and kept poking my eyes out, these new smaller ones are much easier for knitting socks with LOL.

Will post pictures when it is finished.

Speak soon