Ta Dah!!!!

I have finally finished the socks. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, been working on a commission order. Will post pics when its finished. I couldn’t work on it yesterday as I have pulled a ligament in my right shoulder, and guess what I am right handed…

Any ways, pics of the socks

Time to knit hubby some socks,

Speak soon


4 Responses to “Ta Dah!!!!”

  1. Niki :) Says:

    Wow! lots of work! Awesome!

  2. KBCrafter Says:

    Well done Claire,

    Those socks are brilliant. really good for a first pair.

    Love Mum

  3. Rainbow in the grey sky Says:

    Aren’t you just talented , great socks , i want to make socks but a begginer 😦 well done!

  4. quiltingcraft Says:

    I haven’t knitted since I was a little girl, so really I am a beginner, but they are really easy. You just have to get used to lots of needles…LOL

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