Why is Mother’s Day not allowed by the post?

I sent my mum’s mother’s day gift a week before mother’s day and it arrived a week later. A parcel I sent to Bahrain, on the same day, arrived a week before the parcel that I sent to Brittany (France). How does that work?

Any way my mum has finally got her mother’s day gift and from what I can gather she likes it. I am pleased as it took me ages to make it.

Mums day gift

As I promised before, the pictures of my Grans Mother’s Day gift. Even though I posted it late it arrived the next day.

choccie box

choccie box

I have been busy with boxes, and now a bag that I have been making for myself.

I am a bag freak, this is how I got into making them, but I dislike certain bags, I will see a bag that I like and won’t buy it just because it has a flap. I like partitions, so I might find a bag that I like and not buy it because there are no partitions. Needless to say I didn’t put a partition in this bag, but it has the opening that I like.

I have used a Hex frame, bag bottom and feet, and used the tutorial as a guide from Lisa’s blog and website.

hex frame bag
hex frame bag

I used Alexander Henry Flutterby fabric. Let me know what you think.


I can’t…

It is physically impossible for me not to use my machine. I did make a top for myself, but didn’t like it. I got it from Burdamode, which is a great site, but the free patterns are only how to’s and tiny pics . There is no measurements guide. I totally didn’t get it so the top will be recycled, probably into a bag.

But I have been working on this…

[rockyou id=80412350&w=256&h=192]

It is a wristlet with a matching coin purse. All from recycled out grown clothes. The main fabric is a shirt that I loved. It fit perfectly (DID…), I loved the pattern, animal print not normally me, this is about as daring as I got.

The lining is from a pair of out grown PJ’s that my hubby got me a few years ago. Also the piping is from an old out grown shirt. Even the zip and magnetic clasp are recycled. the only thing that is new is the snap fastening on the coin purse. So this one is green 😉

This one is just for meeeee

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New Bags

I have been busy creating and making new bags. I couple of them I’m not happy with, have to make adjustments, but you can see them on flickr.I have done a new folded flap bag, but this time with a handle that I wove together myself.This was done with the same fabric as the reversible tote that you will see below. [rockyou id=77354875&w=256&h=192]  I have also done a toddler nappy bag. As my son’s nappy bag is now too big. So I made one to fit nappies, wipes and cream should he have an accident while we are out. I have put a big loop on it so I can hang it of the pushchair. I am fed up of my handbag weighing a ton because of all of his stuff. There is enough crap in a woman’s handbag already, so you can imagine the weight… 

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Quilted Patchwork Handbag

This is the first time that I tried this bag, So I didn’t want to waste mega nice material doing it, so I just used one kind and put funky patterns on every other panel. The back is the same.

Gracie (Nearly broke the Pfaff) Tote

I had a bit of a to do with the Pfaff while making this bag, but thanks to my lovely hubby (who I might add was at work all last night and still sorted Pfaff out) fixed it and everything is right with the world again.

The Gracie tote is my adaptation of one that I have seen on the web, but can’t remember where so I have made it from memory. I absolutly love the fabric, but Pfaff doesn’t. I think Pfaff is glad that this bag is finished.

I did some beading work on the flap as I couldn’t find a button that would go. It has a velcro fastening on the flap.

Navy & Stripe Bags

Here are two new bags that I have completed using a navy blue fabric that is kinda like chenille. It’s lovely and soft. Some stripey fabric that has stripes in the same sort of fabric as the navy. I did the clutch with a flat bottom, if you remember the floral clutch that I did with the square bottom and didnt like it…

Well I like this one.

New Design Clutch Bag

I designed this clutch bag to hold quite a bit but still be small and fit under your arm. I hope that it works. The next one that I make will be slightly different as there are bits that I’m not happy with. I think that the bottom needs to be flat, so I won’t be putting darts in it.

Let me know what you think of it…

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