Wow back again…

I don’t know what has happened to me.

I am posting for a dear blog friend, Andrea, from Welsh Quilter.

Her daughter Jesse, has a once in a life time chance of going to Africa, but the students have to raise the money themselves.

Any way they are doing a quilt raffle for one of Andrea’s gorgeous quilts to help pay for Jesse’s trip.

I will let you go over to her blog and read all about it for your selves. Follow the link Jesse’s Trip Fund

Jess Raffle Quilt 003 (Large)_edited

Will see ya over there…



Happy Christmas everybody

Wishing you all the best for this festive season, sorry it’s a bit late, but better late than never.

See you all soon

Claire ox ^_^

I know, I know…

it’s been a while, but my grandad sadly died. The funeral was last wednesday, so I haven’t been working on much. Not really felt like it. It was really great seeing my aunty and uncles, and all my cousins. The thing is they only ever get together when theres a funeral. The last time I saw two of my uncles was at my gran’s funeral and that was 18 or 19 years ago…

I did get to meet one of my grandad’s brothers though, which was nice. First time. Baby H wanted to play in the funeral place and the crem, so my lovely hubby kept taking him outside to play, so he missed most of it. Don’t think he’s to bothered, but that left me on my own. He finally got to meet my wacky family afterwards, though, and everybody seemed to like him, which I’m glad about.

I have been working on a nappy/daiper bag and it is finally finished, but I am now having probs getting the pics on the mac. Will keep trying.

Now for some good news…

I’m pregnant. Yippee.

Sorry! It’s been a while

My mum has been to visit us while we are nearby. It was also a bit of a fly-by as she was on her way to see my grandad who is quite sick in hospital. God willing you will be better soon Grandad.

The booties have been finished for a while and are listed on Ebay . So hopefully some luck selling on there.

The pink butterfly ribbon that I spoke of before has been added to the upper and sole.

Butterfly BootiesButterfly Booties

We’re there

Finally we have arrived in England. It took a while and we have finally got here. It’s a bit weird being back here, but still good for now. It’s mighty cold after being in Bahrain at 40 + temperatures.
It may be a little while before I can start sewing again, as my machine is still in Bahrain. Waiting for the cargo to send it over. I hope it won’t be long. I miss Pfaff. I hope that she is ok without me.
I have found a shop that sells embroidery stuff and the like, and they sell felt. All different colours, Yippee! So I have bought a load of different colours so I can at least make Bitty Booties. Started on some already. A lovely pink and purple combo. Will post pics when they are finished.
Internet will be on by friday, so will be posting on all the usual blogs, must say, I have missed you all. As you have probably noticed the new look blog. I thought we are now in a new place, at least for a while, so I thought I would give the blog a new look. Tell me what you think…
Speak to you all soon…

See You Soon…

The internet is going of line this afternoon, ready for our journey to England. Here in Bahrain you have to make sure that your bills have been paid or they won’t let you leave the country. So the phone and internet bills have been disconnected and we have to clear the bill at the end of next month. Bit of a hassle, and boring for me, a whole month and then some without blogging. So see you soon
Bye for now!

Tissue’s and Shoes

I made another pair of the Bitty Booties the other day, but a little bigger, so they will fit older babies. I was asked to do them in pink, so here they are…

Pink Bitty Booties Pink Bitty Booties 2

Next I did this fabric tissue holder, as my hubby always wants tissue when we are out, which means that my handbag is always full of tissue. So I thought I would have a go at doing one of these to save some space. I had to do it by hand though as my foot pedal is in the shop, but I think that it didn’t turn out to bad. To think that a few years ago I hated to sew anything by hand. I hated sewing as much as I hate ironing.

Fabric Tissue Holder